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Standard gypsum board

Regular standard gypsum board,drywall

Price: USD0.8~1.5/SQM
Length: 2400/2440/2700/3000/3600mm
Width: 1200/1220mm
Thickness: 6.4/7.0/9.5/12.5/12.7/15/18mm
Bulk Density: 0.72~0.87/cm³
Edge: Square Edge or Tapered Edge
Trade Terms: FOB,CIF,CFR,CNF
Port: Qingdao or Lianyungang

Gypsum board:

Regular Gypsum Board is for interior walls and ceilings, which is made from a gypsum core covered on both sides and edge tapes are 100% recycled paper. The edges of the board are either flat or slightly bevelled. Bevelled edges allow installers to smooth out the surface with plaster after nailing the boards to walls and ceilings and taping the edges. A professional plasterer can create a smooth finish across the widest wall or ceiling. After it is painted, the wall has a seamless appearance.

Huaqin Gypsum Board:

Huaqin Gypsum Board are exceptionally versatile and lightweight. They provide an alternative solutions for domestic and commercial ceiling applications, as well as walling and partitioning applications. Huaqin gypsum board is also used to make bulkheads, creat curved ceilings, and radiused walls among innovative applications and floating ceilings.

Installing gypsum board is a relatively simple and effective method of creating interior surfaces inside your home. It is fast to set up and reasonably priced. Once the plasterboard is installed, it can be finished with various treatments including paint, wallpaper, tiles, wainscoting and rendering. Other benefits of standard plasterboard include fire resistance and a relatively low environmental impact.

Gypsum Board have tow different edeges:

1.Square Edge (S E) For cover stipe jointing; visible butt jointed paneling with clamp fixing and fee suspension.

2.Tapered Edge(T.E) For smooth and seamless jointing; jointless wall and ceiling paneling.

What is advantages of gypsum board:

1) Energy consumption low, production efficiency high, saving 78% energy as against the cement production, small investment and production capacity big, the production process simple and easy to make mass production

2) lightweight: the partition drywall with paper faced gypsum board, the weight is just a one fifteenth brick wall and a tenth block wall. And it is anti-seismic structure and reduce the cost of project.

3) Thermo-Insulation: Paper faced gypsum board is composed of 60% micro pores, because the air conductive coefficient is very low, it has a good lightweight thermo preservation property.

4) Anti-fire function: Because the gypsum board core itself is nonflammable, and when encountering the fire, the gypsum board crystalline water will absorb a great deal heat to release the water and deter the circumstance temperature rising. So the paper faced gypsum board has a very good anti fire, deter combustion function.

5) Good Acoustic insulation: the normal sole material wall is difficult to make a good sound insulation effect, but the paper gypsum board has a unique structure with fiberglass wool. It superbly absorb the noise and sound.

6) Good Decoration function: The paper faced gypsum board surface is very plane and the joint between the 2 gypsum board by tape to make seamless treatment and directly decorated on the surface.

Types Thickness Kg/m2
PCS/20’ Container 
Normal 9.5mm 7.6 880
12mm 8.8 700
12.7mm 9.2 650
15mm 11.6 560
15.9mm 12 480
Huaqin Gypsum board is available to be manufactured according to buyers’ requirement if within the following dimensions: Thickness 6.4-18mm;width1000-1250mm;length 1800-4200mm.

Container Size  Load Qty Total Sqm
1 1200X2700X7mm 580pcs 3950M2
1200X3000X7mm 580pcs
2 1200X2700X8mm 500pcs 3500M2
1200X3000X8mm 500pcs
3 1200X2700X9mm 450pcs 3100M2
1200X3000X9mm 450pcs
4 1200X2700X9.5mm 440pcs 3000M2
1200X3000X9.5mm 440pcs
5 1200X2700X10mm 430pcs 2950M2
1200X3000X10mm 430pcs
6 1200X2700X12mm 350pcs 2500M2
1200X3000X12mm 350pcs

gypsum board loading,


plaster board loading

 We have professional skills and an experienced QC team, coupled with a wealth of experience and strict quality control. 
We can ensure that consumers receive high-quality products.All our inspectors accept quality inspection training regularly,
 they will make strictly check in each process, from beginning to pack, until loading container.
1.Before the start of the production, QC will check the Initial setting time and the strengh of gypsum powder,  after all
 index qualified then arrange production.

2.During the production process,QC will measure the  thickness, width , length and the taped edge,to make sure all
 the data up to the standard quality;

3.QC check the dry heating system weather normally or not during production,to make sure the heating system  
maintain a constant temperature,so that the board will not be overburnt or wave plate.

4.When board complete production from line, QC will recheck its size, thickness, weight etc.

5.QC will make full inspection when workers packed board, select unqualified boards , and ship out all the high 
quality boards to every customer.

6.QC will supervise the whole loading process, make sure there is no damaged during loading. 

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